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14:30–16:30 NTGent Schouwburg, Konferenzraum Cour
Workshop / Conversation Performance / Politics & Philosophy

Charlotte Gruber und Peter Aers

Theatre Manifestos!? Against Interpretation & an Intervention from Open Ended Dramaturgy 

Performance artist Peter Aers and researching dramaturg Charlotte Gruber invite 20 participants to join their ‚un/common‘ conversation.

In recent years theatre houses have attempted to politicise and publicise their practice by introducing makers Manifesto’s, e.g. NT Gent’s Ghent Manifesto and Vooruit’s 10 Stepping Stones Towards an Art Institution of the Future (both in 2018)These more or less concrete formulas inspire but also invade dramaturgical processes within said institutions (on both micro and macro levels).

Departing from the concept of Open Ended Dramaturgy (Georgelou et al. 2017) Charlotte Gruber presents intervening thoughts to reveal some tensions at the core of such guidelines for creative procedures. Opening up to the the political weight of creating meaning together instead, Peter Aers’ participatory work ‘Against Interpretation’ takes us into the practice of collective reading and the creation of (counter)meaning as a manner of performing the diverse, alive and deviant community.


‘…the search for commonality begins from differences and does not end in uniformity; rather, it is accompanied by permanent debates about what counts as the common’. (Isabell Lorey, 2015)


Workshop held in English (Dutch and German speakers can be supported)



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